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Sightseeing Corfu

Corfu Sightseeing with style

We would like to offer you the most up to date information about sightseeing Corfu so we can maximise your pleasure while holidaying in Corfu Island.

Corfu Town Center

corfu-townCorfu’s (Kerkyra’s) old historic town, with its peaceful squares and the arcades facing the Spianáda (Esplanade) along with its light coloured multi-storeyed buildings and slatted Venetian style shutters, will generously reward any time spent strolling. You can enjoy a glass of wine or an iced coffee in the old historic town of Corfu since most of its squares are full of cafe’s, wine bars and restaurants where you will be able to taste the local cuisine.

Corfu Town’s archeological museum unfortunately is closed for renovation works until 2016, so we recommend to visit instead the Andivouniotissa (Byzantine) Museum in Mouragia district where you will find a medieval church crammed full of unusual icons of the 15th to 18th centuries, many of them painted by refugee Cretan artists who came here after the fall of Venetian Crete in 1669.


While strolling in the old historic town you should pay a visit to the excellent Asian Art Museum which is located at the top end of the Spianada showcasing artifacts from China, Japan, Tibet, the Gandhara Kingdom, Thailand and Cambodia amassed by two Greek diplomats and housed in a former palace which also hosts other temporary exhibits including some of Edward Lear’s and Robert McCabe’s works.  In front of the Asian Art Museum you will find a beautiful garden with great views over the Mandraki lido.

Sightseeing from Corfu Town towards the north

corfu-palaio-fortressOur fleet is centrally located in the heart of Corfu town where you will be able to embark in one of our modern boats and start your journey with ease. Moving towards the north from our post you will be able to see the historic old town of Corfu and the Paleo Frourio, (Fortezza), which in its former latin chapel near the entrance, hosts a fine collection of byzantine icons and mosaics rescued from various monuments around the island.

Continuing towards the north you will be able to enjoy the view from the venetian looking area (Mouragia) and also capture the view from the Venetian-built Neo Frourio which is architecturally the more interesting, and affords superb views over the tiled roofs of the old town.


Next stop is the island of Vido, a small wooded isle which lies just half a mile from Corfu’s Town Old Port, framed by pine trees and clear blue sea is an ideal stop for swimming and exploring while allowing you to glimpse the historical buildings of Corfu Town.


Next to Vido, you will find another small island, the Lazaretto Island. An island with 17.5 acres of land which takes its name of the lazaretto that was built here, a quarantine station for maritime travelers. On the island you will find a two storey building that was used as headquarters by the Italian Army, a small church and a wall which serves as a monument for nearly 200 people that were executed in this island during the Greek civil war and since 1976 has been declared a historical site.


Sailing north to Lazaretto island, on the east side you have the Salinas, the sandy beach of Alykes which is one of the most popular in the Corfu Town and attracts a crowd. Next to Alykes is the Kontokali bay with a splendid sandy beach that attracts swimming lovers.

Next to Kontokali is the area called Gouvia, a small tourist village which has the largest yacht  marina in the area  where you can anchor and replenish yourselves with an iced drink and a beautiful sandy beach. In Gouvia you can also see the ruins of the Old Venetian naval yard. From the formerly impressive structure where the Venetians repaired their fleet of ships, has survived a series of arches as well as the bay and a small church.


Continuing towards the north of Gouvia bay and within half mile’s distance you will be able to enjoy the Kommeno Bay, famous for the green nature and the dazzling blue Ionian Sea. The sandy beach in Kommeno is distinguished for the purity of the coastline and its waters.


Next to Kommeno Bay, is the Dassia Bay, a crowded sandy beach famous for its calm waters where again you can anchor and a enjoy the sun and the music coming from the famous beach bars of Dassia.


Sailing towards the north from Dassia your next hot spot is Pyrgi, Ipsos, famous for the long strech of a sandy beach and its tavernas and bars where you can enjoy breath holding views of the picturesque environment, the mountain Pantokrator and the coast line of Albania.


Sailing away from Ipsos, you enter an area that the locals refer to as the “Cote d’Azur” of the Ionian because of its lush Corfiot green countryside and its consecutive beaches. First beach of the “Cote d’Azur” of the Ionian, is the famous “Blue Lagoon” beach in Pyrgi where you can swim in the beautiful blue sea and its scenic mountains. Next is the Barbati beach, very popular and well organized has been awarded the Blue Flag for the clearness of its waters.


Next to Barbati, is the Nissaki ,an area famous for the small consecutive beaches with beautiful Ionian blue waters, is full of rocks at the left of the beach where you can reach many sea formed caves that can only be seen from the sea. One of the most famous cave is the“Prospero’s cell”, a must see spot where you can sunbathe and swim in your private beach. After swimming in Nissaki area, you can enjoy the local recipes from fresh fish in the picturesque seaside taverns.


One of the most beautiful little bay in the Nissaki area is the Kaminaki beach, not so well known but equally impressive, ideal for anyone that wishes to explore this part of the coast by boat. A very romantic and tranquil hot spot where you can just sit back and enjoy listening to the sea waves. You will then pass Nissaki where you can swim into the underwater cave .


Finally, next to Kaminaki is the Agni bay, one of the many small beautiful beaches of this part of the coast, .It has three restaurants near the beach and a big lighthouse in the centre of the sea.

Sightseeing from Corfu Town towards the south

We choose for you a beautiful trip to the south of the island of Corfu. From Garitsa Bay where you will board into one of our boats, the first sight is the Palace of Mon Repo, where you can enjoy unique views of the palace itself and its private beach which is only accessible by sea.


Then you can visit the cosmopolitan Kanoni. Kanoni offers a magnificent view of the island with the monastery dedicated to the Virgin of Blachernae, the monastery looks like it gushes in the middle of the sea because it is built on a small island connected to the mainland by a small path. This whitewashed architecture that stands in the blue background of the sea is a building ofthe 17th century and its position creates the perfect scenery for a photo.

In the background appears the notorious green rock, the Mouse Island. According to Homer, this green islet was the ship of Ulysses which petrified god Poseidon during the storm that washed ashore the shipwrecked Ulysses on the island of Corfu. The blue sea along with the lush green scenery and the view of the Mouse Island create a unique landscape.


Next, towards the south of Kanoni, you can set sail for Perama, an area well known for its olive trees and nice beaches where there is the so-called Kaiser’s Bridge, which connected the coast with the Royal Palace of Achillion. The famous Achillion Palace, the palace of Empress Elizabeth of Austria (Sissy) is one of the attractions of Corfu that every visitor hastens to admire. The imposing palace was built specifically for the Empress in 1889,  so she could enjoy the view of her beloved island of Corfu and took its name in honor of Achilles,  the hero of the Trojan War.


Sailing towards the south of Perama, you will come across the Benitses Bay, a famous traditional fishing village which hosts a well equipped marina where you can dock and enjoy the local seafood in the picteresque Benitses. Also in Benitses you will be able to visit the Sea Shell Museum, where a local family has managed to collect many specimens from the beautiful world of the ocean and the desert and they have now put their amazing collection on display in their private museum in Benitses, Corfu. This museum will certainly satisfy even the most difficult visitor, as it has one of the biggest collections in Europe and the best items in terms of quality. During your visit you will have the opportunity to see a whale skeleton, several shell collections, meteorites (fallen in the deserts of Australia) and many other strange exhibits.


Continuing towards the south of Benitses, you will be able to visit a lot of small consecutive beaches until the next village of Moraitika.


Make sure you anchor on Saint John’s sandy beach and enjoy the sunset.