Garitsa, Corfu
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Sunset tours

Choose your destination and live the dream…

Thank you for choosing “Corfu town boat rental ” to discover the breath taking Sunsets,off the coastline of Corfu town. The perfect organised private tour for couples or families.

The tour starts from Garitsa “our base”,the heart of Corfu. Our Skipper, tour-guide will drive our boat parallel off the coastline of Corfu town (the old town).

You will be able to see the amazing view of various monuments,such as the historical old fortress,”the palace”,the “New fortress “,have a cruise around the island of Vidos then cruise past the” Mon Repo Palace” (where the Duke of Edinburgh , Prince Philip was born),cruise towards the famous “Pontikonisi”and Vlaherena Monastery & why not view the aeroplanes landing over our boat in to Corfu.

The most relaxing cruise.

As a company our goal is to create memories.